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Hydrawise Controller Monitoring


  • Annual Monitoring Services
  • Monitor & Alert Service for Hydrawise Controllers
  • Only applies to customers with Hydrawise controllers


If subscribed, we will remotely monitor and alert you about specific errors with your irrigation electronic components identified by your Hydrawise controller. Your controller will notify us of several problems: faulty wiring, loss of internet connectivity and/or power, and flow volume issues (only if you have a flow sensor and master valve).

Should a problem be identified via the controller alerts, we will reach out during our normal business hours, M-F by phone call or email. A service call, invoiced at our regular rates, may be required to diagnose and fix the problem. R.T. MacKenzie, Inc. is not responsible for adequate signal from your router and WiFi connectivity.

By enrolling, I authorize R.T. MacKenzie, Inc. to receive alerts and notify me of the problems. (This service does not include us making remote changes to controller programming and watering schedules. If this service is needed, you will be charged an administrative fee.)

It is the responsibility of the owner/end-user to monitor the environmental conditions and water application rate and make necessary adjustments to the controller programming. R.T. MacKenzie, Inc. is not responsible for loss of plants or turf.