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Our Equipment

Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference in doing a good job and preserving the integrity of your landscape. Not all equipment is needed on every job. Our equipment includes:

Sod cutters that create a clean, deep cut helps to preserve established lawns

Trenchers make a heavy commercial digging job, where the preservation of the sod is not as essential, go much faster and assures a well buried pipe

Trenching shovels. Silly as it may sound, the correct shovel for hand digging is critical. Working around an established landscape often requires hand digging in order to preserve established plantings and produce an instantly beautiful end-product. After installation, some of our customers have told us that they couldn’t even tell that we had been there!

Hydraulic bullet which allows us to bore under a driveway and install pipe or wire without cutting the surface

Tampers are used to return the ground to its original compaction so that settling is kept to a minimum

Vibratory plow is used to pull pipe and/or wire into the ground minimizing disruption to the sod and landscape