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Commercial Landscape Lighting in MD and VA

Commercial Landscape Lighting serves a dual purpose. It creates an attractive view of your property during night-time hours and it can enhances security. and safety. Placing low-voltage path lights along walkways reveals, to your customers and guests, a concern for their safety while creating a welcoming outdoor appeal to our business. This lighting can be achieved with incandescent or “green” LED bulbs, which offer energy savings and return on investment. Many local municipal building codes demand proper night time illumination to help prevent accidents and to help deter crime.  We feel that your commercial properties can not be over illuminated. Protect your investment and your customers with a commercial lighting package from R.T. MacKenzie.

Our Commercial Landscape Lighting Includes:

  • Walkway Lighting
  • Water Feature Illumination
  • Garden & Tree Illumination
  • Swimming Pool Illumination